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One thing I don't understand is who are all these breeders you are speaking of?

Canada has a fairly small reptile community. While there are many breeders who do not come online, most do. And being as Jeff (as example) has been in this many years, wouldn't he also have talked to these breeders and gotten this information just to make his own business more successful? Or are they secret breeders? No offense, seriously, I just do not understand why in this thread and others you keep refering to this secret network of breeders who are afraid to share their success with the rest of us!

If its so great, why wouldn't they share? Why have they not documented this information in a way other reptile keepers can share it? Why are they only sharing this information with you and letting you spokesman the information to us? Sorry, again no offense, no acusing you, not attacking you, just trying to make sense of this.

I have seen with my own eyes, pythons using the cool side for ovulation. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCKING UP TO JEFF! They seek out cooler temps for ovulating. My own python did this herself this wasn't me pretending so I can agree with Jeff...I witnesses this with my own eyes. Although she didn't curl up around the dish....she spent over a month on the extreme cool end, never ever resting on the hot side. Do you have adult pythons ovulating? Just curious.

You say here:
"because you are no more capable of proving that you are merely keeping your snakes alive than I am"

How is that? Jeff has breed captive pythons for like what? three or more generations? Daughters breeding, grand daiughters breeding...don't you think a person with that type of experience can say a little bit more than someone who hasn't even owned snakes for a year yet? Keeping snakes alive, or breeding generations and generations....which one is more successful? Its not that hard to see. Or someone who has never attempted breeding? Not cutting you down, I myself haven't breed pythons and I constantly admit my own hands on experience level is low. How can I possibly argue something with people who have? Doesn't make sense. If I MYSELF prove I can breed pythons with NO cool side, with no acess to different temps, then don't you think thats a better platform for me to argue with?

Are you saying pythons do not need cooler temps when trying to retreat to ovulate? I am just confused?


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