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I like to ask myself silly questions sometimes and sharing these weird thoughts sometime brings interesting conversations.

Here's my latest

Ever calculated how pricy rat meat is ???

It's approx 1.7 penny a gram.
so .017$ x 1000 = 17$ / kg
= 7.73$ per pound

And we're talking rat meat here..
At the grocery store you can get A-1 quality chicken for 1 to 2$ a pound and less when it's on special.

In the wild I don't think all snakes only eat rodents. Some probably also go for some wild turkeys, birds, etc...

If I can get some of my snakes to eat chicken part, could it be bad for them ??? I would think that the chicken I buy for me is better quality than rodents we buy for our herps.

Ok, it doesn't "look" natural, but neither does a dead mouse in my opinion...

Ok people I'm waiting to hear what you have to say on this.

By the way, my freezer is full of dodent, I'm not realy thinking of feeding chicken parts to my herps, but I really need to put this question to sleep ... who knows !!!!


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