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They never use the cool spot? I guess you have never bred pythons, because in the months (weeks) leading up to follicle building and ovulation, all my pythons seek out the cool end and most tend to do the famous "one loop around the water dish". Not sure why yours don't. Maybe you have magic snakes that can just do all their life processes at 84F.

And don't get so mad and fed up. If you can't discuss husbandry issues without getting spazzy, then perhaps an online forum about discussing husbandry is not for you.

Also, don't get mad when its not enough for my, or Gino, etc etc to just have you say "I know successful breeders doing this...and I know successful breeders doing that....bla bla bla". I'm sorry, but with this day and age of easy internet access, and digital cameras, etc etc, there should be no way that they couldn't just prove their point. But no, again we're hidden in the dark as to who these mysterious breeders are who have these awesome methods.

Byt if their methods are so good for the snakes, you'd think that maybe they'd pipe up. I mean, are they so greedy or so in it for the profit that they wouldn't want to share their wonderful husbandry methods, even if it risks (god forbid!) a DISCUSSION about snake husbandry? I mean, I know its deathly awful talking about snakes and how to keep them, but .........

Tongue firmly in cheek.

P.S. Just because two people agree on a particular aspect of husbandry, does not mean either one is sucking up to the other at all. If that was the case, I guess one could say the same about you and your phantom breeders with overhead lights, no heat gradient, snakes that don't thermoregulate because they just sit there, etc etc
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