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I sent the breeders in question an email asking if I could mention them here, and they have all asked specifically to be left out of online conversations. Not that I blame them, because as soon as somone comes along and does something different within this community, they are labelled as having bad husbandry. This can be potentially damaging to many reptile breeders' businesses.

Gino, your response is proof positive of this. Saying "I guess through the decades they have yet to learn a thing" is akin to saying "Well since they don't agree with me and Jeff, they are WRONG." I'm personally getting fed up with husbandry debates too, because you are no more capable of proving that you are merely keeping your snakes alive than I am. Want my definition of success? Fine, here goes:

- The snakes eat like pigs
- Not one regurgitation
- No aggression, which you would expect from a snake that is uncomfortable with its surroundings.
- They shed like clockwork
- They don't cruise their cage much (well, the corns do, but they always do that anyway!)
- When provided with a hot and a cool spot, they NEVER use the cool spot anyway.

And in the case of the other breeders I have learned the ropes from:

- They breed every season, huge clutches, no slugs, and healthy babies.

But, I realize the most popular opinion is that a gradient is required. Fine. Whatever. I guess I am a bad snake keeper, with all of my healthy, happy snakes that are showing no signs whatsoever of being malcontent with their environments, and are behaviorally exactly the same as other snakes of the same species who have a thermal gradient. So Gino, instead of just sucking up to Jeff, and placing the onus of proving that my snakes are thriving on me, why don't you try and prove to me that they are not? Why don't YOU describe what signs or behaviors you look for in order to determine that YOUR snakes are healthy and content? I bet anything you say will match the behaviors of my snakes to the letter.
- Ken LePage
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