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Originally posted by gfisher2002
Go Shiela.
Haha, I get it!

Mary, truth be told, I could have shot the deer also. Wawawa, I had plenty of time, I didn't realize how big it was just a standin there.

We are both getting bows, and a better camera, and will be doing a lot more "hunting" in the years to come.

It will likely be 20 years before Sheila or I have another chance at such a magnificant buck.

Between the 2 bucks we shot this year, we have been eating some of the best tasting meat for the last 2 months. I am a conservationist at heart, but agree with fair chase hunting to keep populations in check, and there is no tastier meat than this free range deer! The trophy thing was just a really lucky bonus, this deer was the size of a steer - and we were hunting for meat.

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