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Off topic post about an award Sheila won

As this is the place for off topic posts, I thought I would take the opportunity to congratulate my wife Sheila for a recent accomplishment.

Sheila won the Sandhills Wildlife Federation trophy for largest typical mule deer taken in the area. This area is known for producing some of greatest world class bucks.

Sheila has also been asked to come to the Annual Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation banquet for the Henry Kelsey awards. The buck placed second in Saskatchewan for the ladies division in 2003.

As a matter of interest, the first place buck was shot by a woman living in Maple Creek, about an hour south of Leader.

I've taken some better pictures of the antlers. Rather than having the buck traditionally taxidermied, we did a "European Mount". This one is not going in the flowerbed as Sheila had originally planned.

It will be hung on the wall and displayed proudly, that is, until some rich excentric hunter from south of the boarder who likes the symmetry.... and can trade for boelens, angolans, diamonds or other rare gems.

the pictures can be viewed at

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