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Thanks Jeff

I'm not really looking immediately -- actually I'm going to be moving out to Victoria next month, that's going to be enough fun with my gang of leos, nevermind adding another critter to the bunch And while I have someone to look after the leos until I find a place to live out there, I don't think that she'd go for looking after a snake too

I think that that about narrows things down to the corn or the jaya then... they're irian jaya carpet pythons? or boas... pythons I think (have you noticed how easy it is to type pythongs? I do it every time, and then have to correct it... hehe...). How big to the jayas get?

Truthfully, the one thing that's really holding me back from getting a snake is feeding time -- I'm sure that I'll get used to handling them, but the idea of feeding them fuzzy little animals just gives me the shudders.... I'm ok with feeding insects, they're just ugly little things... but mice are cute, and furry... and pinkies are even worse, they're so small and helpless looking... ack So now my master plan is to get a snake, and then find a roommate who'll feed him for me... LOL The best of both worlds

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