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We tried Belair when we moved (spring 2002) and found that they would not insure us due to the reptiles.

We are currently with TD Meloche Monnex and, yes, they know all about them. They even sent an inspector over to check the place out, partly because of the reptiles and partly due to the unusual nature of the property. We almost lost coverage last year because of our planned future business activities- the inspector said that we were doing presently doing things (being open to the public) that we weren't planning for some time. It was quite a fight to keep the coverage. They do not insure anything to do with our existing business activities (outreach programs), nor do they cover the animals themselves (as pets).

Some things insurance companies have told me they don't like about reptile owners:

-increased fire risk
-increased humidity levels causing water damage and mold (this one's big right now!)
-escape risk and subsequent liability

Anything we can do to reduce the above risks and claims that would result from them will help in the long term.

As for Flexwatt, much as I like it, it will never be CSA approved because you have to wire it yourself. If it arrived in standard lengths with cords already attached then it could be approved, but then that defeats one of the best features about it- flexibility.

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