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Flexwatt is covered....

So are your animals. My policy is for contents and covers pets up to $20k. You must declare them. There's more to this then meets the eye though so think hard. Flexwatt is covered via commonalities between Canada and the US. The common misconception is that it is not approved for use in Canada but the identical heat tape marketed under the brand name Flexall in the UK is totally approved in Canada. Any lawyer worth his/her weight in salt could argue this one to any judge in the land and win. Both products (as long as you wire them correctly) almost never cause fires. If they do any FD will determine cause. If it's you too bad, your loss (and ALL colateral damage). If its something else no problem, your covered.

Straight from by insurance agent. Insurance companies are NOT fools. They must list every restriction, exception and caviot in which they do not wish to cover. In fine print you should notice local by-laws. There is ALOT of information in the contract, and to tell you the truth... only a lawyer or someone familar with certain things can completly understand it. Be careful. There are other things as well.

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PS check Allstate
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