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Cool, how many babies does the U of M produce?

Also, while we are at it, how would a python (ANY python) incubate her eggs in an ambient of 84F? Don't say muscle contractions because only Burms have proven to raise the temps that much. So if I'm breeding an Indo python and I'm keeping it at 84F, how do I do maternal incubation? Or is one temperature not enough for an ectothermic animal that relies solely on its surroundings to get to whatever temperature it needs.

Of course you can breed some snakes at 84F constant. I used to do that when I bred corns and kings (EONS ago) and I understood JACK about how a reptile's body worked. I'd like to think that we've progressed a little further than what people were doing in 1985.

But yes, for SOME colubrids, it can work. As well as some amphibians. Boids? I think you know my stance on that.........

And who are these mysterious breeders? I'd like to hear from them. Not to razz them or flame them. If they are honestly doing something that people's animals can benefit from, why not discuss it? Or do they not care about animals and are they only in it for profit?
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