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I meant relatively. Obviously Bearded Dragons aren't terribly complicated, but they are more work than a ball python.

Simply put:
Ball python: whatever, window light, bulb
Bearded dragon: UV spectrum bulb and fixture

Ball python: UTH on a med setting would do the trick (although, of course, the temps would need to be perfected)
Bearded Dragon: Lows of 75-80, highs vary (adults: 98-100, babies, 105)

Ball pythons: rat or a couple mice every week or two
Bearded Dragon: As babies, crickets/mealworms every day and a salad of kale, collard green, melon, squash, bell peppers etc every other day. Opposite for adults with the occasional pinky.

Ball Pythons: spray every couple days or every week
Bearded Dragons: weekly baths and daily spraying

When put in terms of "all that is needed" any animal is simple (all an etb needs it a rubbermaid, a bulb, a UTH), I just meant that a bearded dragon would be more work than a ball python should be.
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