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Seriously Cruciform, I had my dad speak to his broker and his brolker called all the companies he works with and NOT ONE will insure a reptile owner. and I mean ANY reptile, Crested gecko included (I mention this because they are one of the few that are NOT a fire hazard).
The insurance comapny can be liable if the reptile escapes, and " gets down a toilet, into the water system, or freaks out a neighbour. Also, insurance adjusters will NOT even ENTER a home with reptiles as it is a saftey precaution"

So, I will be calling Belair to ask a few questions and see what they say. once I have called a few people, I will let you know what I found. unfortunately it iwll most likely only be good for us Montrealers... I'll keep you all posted on my findings...

and if the findings are bad, who would like to finance my new Repti-surance Home Insurance company?
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