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Oh seen a hairles G.P they are cute. But we definitly can't get anymore animals....Especially one that requires such a large cage


forgot to say what my non herp pets were.......
Ok I don't have any pics....maybe one day. lol

We have a chihuahua mix rat terrier puppy (about 10 months) called Akasha

lhaso apso mix dash hound boo boo (or bella when in trouble!)

Just aquired a new doggie!
He is a 13 year old long hair chihuahua.....he is to cute.
His name is Micky (as in micky mouse) but we call him
Micky Bones!
No one ever wants to take on the older dogs, it is so sad

A long haired domestic cat called Tegan
a Silver Blue Marten rabbit called Calliope (she is about 7 pounds and in a 4ft long cage......spoiled brat)

we also have 5 rats (plus 3 babies almost 2 weeks old(

aidan (edit: spelled it wrong! lol) and cree is the first pair

and our trios name is

Male: breakfast (females names are interchangeable) lunch and dinner.

Any babies they may have are called "The Snacks Inbetween"

aidan and cree are going to become meals for the snakes when they are done breeding.
The Mischief:
Neptune, Zion, Enigma,

Mischief~ Hamster

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