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In Quebec it is a problem as well... Most companies will not insure you if you have just one reptile! Those who do, charge you more for it... Robbers!

I was told by a couple of people that if I have many herps I most likely have to turn to a animal shop type insurance. I haven't done that much research on the subject but plan on doing so in the near future and will relay my findings here.

I do know that if you "lie" about your reptiles to the insurance company, not only can they not cover you in a related incident but they can refuse to cover you for anything else. They figure if you've lied about that, then other things as well and it'll most likely cost you a lawyer to clear up the mess...


P.S. Apparently "Belair" or "Bélair Direct" that insures in Quebec and Ontario DO insure reptile owners.
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