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My list that i wish i could have tomorow:
3.10 more amazons
10 ETBs
6 pied balls
2 lavender albino balls
2 coral glow balls
2 caramel albino balls
After the one im getting in march - 4 black bloods
4 albino bloods
4 hypo bloods
2 striped bloods
more red bloods, 6 lol
4 super dwarf retics(striped, albino, normal, though i dont think stripped is out yet, lol but in the future)
3 jampea dwarfs retics- striped, albino, normal
3 retics - striped, albino(lavender or purple), super tiger
2 yellow anacondas
2 papuan pythons
2 macklots pythons
6 angolan pythons
6 womas
1.1 of every rosy boa morph
2.4 rubber boas
3.3 western hogs(albino, red, green)
1.1 aberrant lavender albino kings
1.1 blizzard corns
0.1 female guyana(for my boy)
1.1 of every monitor species(except for my already owned, soon(monday) to be sexed savannah)
2.2 ornate uros
4.4 of a few other(forget what they are) types, something benti(scientific)
1.1 fat tailed geckos
2.3 (more white-line geckos)
0.1 tokay gecko
0.1 fire crested gecko
1.0 emperor scorp
1.1 asian forest(next time my dad is in calgary)
1.1 golden emperor
1.1 tricolor scorpion
1.1 goliath bird eater
1.1 south american caecilian
1.1 brb
1.4 anthill(pygmy) pythons
2.2 childrens
1.1 nuclear kenyans
2.2 stimsons
3.3 new-zealand green tree geckos

Lol sorry for such a long list, im crazy!!! What sucks is that i cant own some of those legally. I also need MOONEY! Lol. Peace

0.2 Bloods for Sale. Adult and juvinile. PM me for details.
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