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I never thought this would happen, but....

The more time I've been spending around this place listening to everyone talk about their snakes, the more they've been growing on me... hehe

Not that I'm sure that I'll actually get one or anything -- I just want to get a feel for the waters, so to speak I kinda like the cornsnakes... I definitely wouldn't want something that gets big. Got enough problems with the thought of having a small snake Are there any other species than corns that make decent beginner snakes? For some reason I don't like the kingsnakes, don't ask me why I'm definitely open to suggestions though, and I'd love to see pictures of the different species, if you have them. Speaking of which, is there a site that I can go to that will have the different species of snakes listed, with pictures & care instructions & stuff?

Anyhoo -- thanks for any input
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