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All I was saying is, my snakes don't seem to care about having a cool spot. In many cases, when I do provide a basking spot, they stay away from it. But when the room stays at 84 degrees (It's a room on the top floor, west-facing, with a computer running 24/7, so the room gets pretty warm indeed!), the snakes contained therein seem to be just fine. Most of them stay put with not much cruising, so I know they aren't looking for a spot to cool off in. Now, I would never do this with say, the ball pythons - I do believe them to be much pickier with environment. But my boas, corns, spotties, macklotts, etc. are doing great with just the room temp being high. (It goes down to about 75-77 at night... forgot to add that.)

As for back heat Vs. belly heat - When their belly is full, the edge of their stomach is just as close to their back as it is to their belly. I do not, have never, and never will believe that belly heat is absolutely necessary either. My snakes all digest exactly as you would expect them to, even the ones with overhead heat.
- Ken LePage
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