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Midwest makes excellent hooks, especially the lightweight standard hook. I was a skeptic until I actually tried them.

Helix thermostats - easy to use and configure, you just set it and forget it. Analog thermostats are good too, I use them over dimmer switches now.

Heat rope is pretty cool too, I havent put mine to use yet, as I am waiting for my rack system, but it is so much more user friendly than heat tape.

Exo Terra has a really neat reptile den for leos, the one with the magnet that allows you to peek in on your pet without disturbing them.

Black Knight is indespensable for getting rid of mites etc., especially for treating substrate and new animals. Nix is pretty good too.

A lot of improvements have been made in cage design, which significantly lower maintenance time (pull out trays) and help keep proper temps and humidity.

IR thermometers - great for checking temps without disturbing your herp.

Thats all I can think of for now..
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