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What has taught me...

I was thinking back on my initial knowledge before I joined and all the stuff people have taught me.

I joined ssnakess having one snake and thinking I was insane for being all obsessed with reptiles. All my friends wouldn't give me the time of day with reptile talk unless it was to show them how my python ate.

I joined here after Marcus Jayne told me it exsisted because I wanted to learn more about breeding.

When I joined, I didn't know anything about proper temperatures, humidity, lizards of any kind, I didn't know there were reptile vets, I didn't realize how poorly the local pet store cared for the reptiles, I didn't know any scientific (latin) names for herps, I thought my snake was a Children's Python and I thought that having ONE snake I was lucky.

Coming here, I first immediately learned about IBD and quickly after posting pics and telling people how she was growing, learned that I have a Spotted Python. I then saw care sheets and searched out one for my snake and saw proper temperatures. (The Pet Store guy told me to just give her a heat lamp and that was it). I was then hired at the pet store and my knowledge continued to grow as I researched every animal they had so that I could offer them better housing. I then found out the joys of lizards, like Savannah Monitors and Fat Tail Geckos.

My most recent teachings from the members here was when Montey was in a VERY bad shed because of winter, and you guys taught me about humid hides instead of raising the ambient humidity.

But most importantly I learned that I was not alone in my love for reptiles and that this hobby is actually a growing obsession. And I have met some amazing people while being here

I joined ssnakess with minimal knowledge of snake care, no knowledge of things like care sheets and reptile vets, medicine, home remedies, etc. and the only knowledge I really had to flaunt was the fact that I've been reading about snakes since I was 3 years old...

I know, for me at least, has made me a better owner and caretaker for my reptiles and has definately made me some great friends

(Yes I felt like ranting lol) Anyone else have a similar experience?

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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