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Question what is it

okay i know this is'nt going to be easy
i've got no picture i borrowed a digi camera from a friend but it could'nt take a close up
anyhow i got this little critter from a friend who got it off a plant he bought at walmart
it's two inches long half of that is tail
he's brown with a stripe down his back with little diamonds that are a little lighter brown colour
a long skinny tail and feet like a bearded dragon but has fairly smooth skin
i think he looks like an anole but have never seen a brown one to compare it to
any help on identifying it and care for it would be greatly helpful
ive got him in a 5 gallon with hides that he doesnt use and some leaves that he seems to enjoy
i put in some fruit which attracted fruit flies a bowl of small molted mealies,some day gecko food and a water dish
thanks for the help
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