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I don't use specific reptile products for my snakes, but for my lizards:

Zoomed's UV bulbs.

RepCal pellets ( beardie and iguana ) ( before I get jumped on, they are not a staple...they are a back up if I don't have anything else, as well as a garnish and cricket food)

I do have some assorted decor that I bought...I love the stone type dishes in assorted sizes.

Those are the only Reptile intended products I have.

The majority of items I use, come from elsewhere ( vitamins and calcium are the human kind, ground up via coffee grinder )
most decor is homemade ( hammocks, coco-huts, wooden flexable bridges/basking spots)
food dishes, tin pie plates work great for my iggy.
plastic marg tubs, etc are great water bowls/bath tubs/etc.
lots of dollar store stuff, etc.

I am NOT a fan of Flukers. I have their dome lights ( the dome ) because it was actually the cheapest around here.....other than that, I think their vitamins/foods/etc are of very poor quality.
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