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Cat problem-medical attention

I'm calling around to local vet clinics tomorrow but I thought I'd ask everyone here for advice as well.

I have a few outside (feral) cats. I feed them everyday and if I ever moved I'd take them with me. They are strictly outside cats but I do let them come inside the house often.

One of the cats has been bullying the other cats. He's been picking fights with them and now the other cats are scared to death of him. A few days ago I woke up to the sound of cats fighting. Keep in mind my bedroom is upstairs in a two story house! The cats were fighting outside.

Tonight, just a few hours ago, I was holding the bully. I couldn't help but notice a big scratch and a large patch of hair missing. I'm assuming he knawed off the hair while scratching the itchy spot.

The scratch doesn't look infected. It seems that it's trying to heal but I see a clear pus like substance oozing out. What bothers me the most is the bald patch actually.

Keep in mind these are outside kitties. They are pretty tough. I can't keep them inside because they'll freak out if they feel *trapped*. When inside the house they have to have at least one door open so they can come in and out as they please.

I'd imagine the vet will give me some topical cream for the wound, and maybe give the cat a shot of antibiotics.

Anyone have a clue about how much this will cost/how to treat, etc...?

I'll attempt to get an appointment with a vet this week, ASAP. Until then is there anything I could apply, like neosporin?

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