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Nice post Scotty!! I pretty much agree!
I think Provent a mite is a very useful product. I've completely irradicated mites and fleas in my mouse colony with it.. It's great for getting rid of ants too...
Oh yeah,, I hear its super effective for snake mites... but I never have those.. LOL
I also think Flexwatt heat tape is the best darn thing since sliced bread and no I don't work for them, but I might as well(at least they do ship to me directly now lol)
I am also an avid user of Bob Barkers(BJ specialties) original
Pinky Pump... Hell, I'm the only one I know thats worn one out... I'm now using Scotty's (thanks Bud)
And yes of course we all love Rubbermaid, and more recently, I'm using the Truly brand sold by the Bay and Zellers. Good containers for racks and lower cost
And yes I am a share holder of both those corporations.

And I also agree with Mary...Those little MidWest probe sets in the leatherette case... Those things rule.. I have a set of both the ball end and straight end.. I like them both, and keep one in the glove box of my car at all times.. its right next to the flashlight.. LOL
And yes, IR heat guns... Fantastic tool.. I use Raytek as well, but I use the Food Safety one, because it's more accurate in the range we want.

And of course, I use and love BETA CHIP ASPEN CHIP and ASPEN SHAVINGS all made by NEPCO
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