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Well fed rodents and insects, fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and a handful of bite sized snails as well as the odd bird, depending on species. A good brand of finely powdered calcium if it's not feasible to scrape your own from a piece of cuttlebone. As far as substrate, my all time favourite is Beta Chip followed closely by newspaper. For burrownig species, a sandy soil mix containing enough clay to hold a burrow. Spaghnum moss works pretty well for most terrestrial amphibians and for for any other species of herp which needs more humidity than which Beta Chip or newspaper is appropriate for.

For those inclined, there are a number of wonderful electronic do-dads, gim-cracks, thing-a-ma-bobs and knick-knacks out there for turning your lights and heat on and off if you can't remember to do it yourself. I use this thing called a switch. Okay, okay, I do use a timer for the lights on my skink colony.

In thirty odd years of keeping and breeding many species of reptiles and amphibians the above is really all I've ever used.

"Moon Drops", "Sun Drops", "Shed Aid" and all that other kaka out there may have some use other than lining the pockets of the manufacturers but I don't know what it is.

Feed your herps a good diet and research their temperature and humidity requirements and you'll be fine.
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