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IMO it all depends on what you're looking for in a pet. I have both and I have to say that my beardies are my favorite. They are more fun to interact with and seem more intelligent. My male will see me from across the room and run to the corner of his tank and bob his head at me. I will run over to him, bob my head back at him and then runs back to his basking spot. My female will also wave "hello" sometimes which is fun. Balls do have personalities too, but it's not quite the same for me. On the other hand, balls require much less maintinence. No fresh foods and crickets to feed every day, making salads, cleaning up poop, enclosure expenses, etc. They are definitely the cheaper and less time consuming pet. Oh, and although its not a great idea, beardie's will eat a pinky mouse if you give it to them.
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