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It's a shame. Victoria has become a city that lives for tourism and the second a business starts to lose a little money means it's time to close it down. I believe Victoria's tourism has been down the last couple years, but what do the pollitians expect with the way the world is, people are choosing to take vacations closer to home and not to mention the high dollar right now which is making all those americans stay home and wait for better days. But I think the real deal is they have seen the money being made at the casino just outta town in colwood and now they want some of that cash for the city of vic itself. I have come to the conclusion that the people running this town are out of touch with what people want in this town, Everything for the tourist and if the citizens don't like...ohwell. We are just now getting an arena that took forever to decide on (just a joke considering we are the capital of B.C. and the old arena was brutal).I would like to see the Crystal gardens stay open but now that the big idea of another casino leaves no hope for that. I've never even been to the other casino and I'm sure i won't go to the new one either especially knowing that it used to be the Gardens.

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