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Good points by Gary D. Also I'll point out that just because they are prompt in replying to emails, doesn't nessicarily mean they have a clue about animals. We are on the interent & people are constantly mislead by people that they think are A1 just because they have a nice website & spend lots if time on forums etc. Most of the best breeders I know spend very little webtime, but rather spend their time concentrating on their animals not the www image they want to portray. Their image is shown in the quality of the animals they produce, not how many hours they spent on their computer surfing the web etc. Heck I could be on ssnakess 24/7 & never even spend 5 minutes with the snakes I'm trying to market. Remember that the marketing doesn't always make the product the best. Shop around, check the boards of inquiry, talk to others. Just because someone has the best marketing skills doesn't mean they have the best animals. Don't be afraid to try out the little guys, they sometimes have the best stuff & don't even own computers. Mark
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