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Send a message via MSN to sapphire_moon Send a message via Yahoo to sapphire_moon is don sodderberg....I ordered from him and he was absolutely wonderful!
I've heard bad things about so I won't say anything. How to find a good breeder? Ask around on these boards...go to the expos or have them shipped to you, which they won't right now.....

I was thinking of getting a kisatchi corn (just have to look at it, its got metalic colors!) and breeding a male to our female motley amel and see what we ended up with. But that will be extremely far into the future.

I do reccomend don sodderberg......he even sent pics and such of baby corns. Gave us an exact hatch date, sent it when he said he would. And when I emailed him after we got the snake he was still very very polite.......

And to think he doesn't have this site listed on his page.....look at all the good things that are said about him here!
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