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Ok, you said the burrowing (I'm not sure what asps means).

What about the western hognose. I know that it is all controversial and such, But what would they be classified as?
Since they are rear fanged but are not classified as venomous, but instead I have heard people say they have "toxic saliva" not "venom". I also noticed that their heads are pretty big, but kind of flat and triangular (if you don't account for the upturned nose)......Are their teeth "fangs" (anything that has sharp pointy teeth are fangs to me! lol) hinged or fixed?

I am sorry to be bothering people with these questions. But as I've been yelling about for the past 1 -2 days I just got a western hognose, and would like to know the difference between it, my corn snake and my 2 BP's......
I would really like to know more about the western because it is such a "controversial" topic with these people saying one thing and another group saying another.......
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