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Originally posted by SerpentLust [/B]
4. Care Requirements: Care requirements should be an important factor. Especially for cage sizes. If the beginner isn't educated and buys a baby ball with a 15 gallon tank thinking it'll be in it for the rest of its life, bad bad bad. However, I don't think the care requirements are important when CHOOSING a snake, I think it's important for a first time owner to be EDUCATED in the proper care requirements.
I'm bad, bad, bad. When I got my first bp (well it was a christmas gift so my mother bought it) she was sold a 10 gal tank with it. I was stupid enough to think that it would be able to live in a 10 gal it's entire life!

Thank goodness that I convinced my mother that I atleast needed the ball python manual. I got a general idea from that.....

But he has been better off since I found this website!
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