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This is my snake arm...well...the beginning of it....i had 3/4 of the arm designed all at far....i have only the outline done...and there is much shading and colour to be added...the outline took about 3 hours...before the sleeve got started I had the ball put on my elbow which sort of inspired me to continue with the snake theme...or was it the rattler?...don't remember... Eventually the other tattoos on that arm are going to blend in as well....there will be a tomb in the background of the snake sleeve so I might get some kind of stone work to fill in the blanks in the other areas that aren't a part of the sleeve on that arm. I was really worried about the elbow being a tough spot but it was nothing....what hurt was the back of the arm. I think its a good idea to get large tats done bit by bit because no matter how tough you are your body may still react to the trauma.....when I was in New Orleans I went nuts and got a bunch of tattoos done in one sitting....i was so burned out afterwards and my lymph nodes swelled and KILLED!!! I think I slept for 14 hours that night, which really dipped into my drink fest!lol Anyhow, enough rambling here's my arm..

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