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Oh god, I know what you mean! We just got a new snake, a little western hognose! I put like 3-4 inches of aspen shavings in there, and his water bowel. Put the lid on and went to wal-mart to pick up the digi theremometer.....came back opened the lid (which was not loose at all. I did have it duct tapes at all spots that were loose!) and I started to gently sift trhough the I took out the water bowl, my heart beating faster.........started to sift through not so gently, and more in a panic. Still nothing! OMG, I said "he's gone, he's frickin gone! we only had him like an hour and he's gone already!" So I started basicly throwing the aspen around in the little enclosure, low and behold I grab a piece that doesn't want to sift so easily........little friggin b*****d...... we almost had a heart attack.
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