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It is different to different people. Me and my partner fell in love with the western hognose. But when we would see pics of it, it would look to be like 5ft long. When we started doing research and found out that males usually get to be around 2ft (if not smaller) we were estatic (sp?). And was lucky enough to have a GOOD petshop that breeds their own snakes there, got to see the entire clutch......holy crap, one little hoggie was striking so hard that it nearly knocked it's little cup (like a deli cup, but like 3 times bigger!) off!

Appearance is what draws a person to learn more about the snake. I could care less about the morphs, but I like most of the corn and ball python morphs.

Right now price is kind of a factor becasue we are trying to save up money to get outta here. But sometimes can not resist those cute little snakey faces staring up at us! soooooooooooooo......this little one cost 65 (us dollars) we also went ahead and picked up some frozen mouse pinks (about 4 dollars all together, for 3 of them!) Our little hoggie is about 8 inches, and 6 months old. Does he sound the right size?

For me diet is a main thing to, I can't stand crickets, so to be able to get anything that eats crickets would be bad for the reptile (especilly until we get settled!).....I just can't stand those things, especially the cave crickets that look like a cross between a cricket and a spider *shudders* ECKKKKK, ewww, gross! hate those things!
Our little hoggie came to us guaranteed to be feeding on pinky mice.......

Ok I'm done rambling.
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