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Bad morning :(

So I get up....I'm tired...didn't sleep well. Do my domestic duties of lunch making for the school aged one, and the the breakfast thing, etc.

The I go up to clean up the toyroom ( in hubby's words, the lizard room ). It holds some of the kids toys, both my snakes, my iguana and my gecko's....and a fish tank. So it's a multi room LOL.

Decide to take a peek on Promise ( brb ) and see if she's poo'd. I'm withdrawling from handling her, don't like to unless she's poo'd after the feed. The lid felt a little loose. Sinking feeling in my gut the tub was empty. Holy freakout time. She was nowhere to be found. I searched real fast, noticed that she could fit under the door, went down, put the dog away, posted here and back up to search some more.
Tearing the room apart, moving cages, toys, etc. hoping for the best....

this is what I find:


Lil Miss Innocent

yah, she sure looked comfy trying to squeeze her fat butt in there LOL.

Needless to say, I got my cardio workout today.
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