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New Addition! *pics*

Now, I definintely don't want to hear any "good snake" food comments, b/c a) she's my pet and b) if you fed your snakes chinchillas, then you're not a very good herper!

Here's my new little girl! Her name is Tarantula (Tula for short), she's a black velvet chinchilla. I bought her from a fur ranch.

These pics are absolutely horrendous, but since I took them, I take all the blame.

<img src="">

Here is where she lives. She eats lots of hay, chinchilla pellets, and water, plus some goodies like wheat germ, rolled oats and barley. Her cage needs a few more shelves and some more toys.

<img src="">

She's pretty curious and quite friendly for having been a fur ranch chinchilla. She was born Nov 9th, 2003.
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