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Originally posted by carpetman
He just replies to anything to move up on posts,which is not right,,like after every pic "Cool snake" that is just crap ,,,posting to move up on the food chain....I have had enough,,if i wanted Drama i would watch a soap opera,,this stops here for me

I,m finished with this!!!! GOOD BYE
Nice assumption there. Why are you so obsessed with what he is doing and how he is posting anyway? So what if he is posting to "move up his post count?" Everyone posts and their post count gets moved up. He's not spamming, he's not posting constant, random junk, so WHO CARES? He is asking questions and responding to posts the same way as everyone else does. Is he suppose to go in-depth in responding to people who post pictures of their snakes?

And what difference does it make if one is a "real snake keeper" or not? Do you deserve more respect than him here because you have more snakes than he does? No! Everyone deserves respect, from those who have hundreds in their colletion to those who haven't even purchased any reptiles yet but who are looking to get into the hobby.

Man, he's even apologized to you and you are still acting like a little brat, running off stomping your feet and crying. I hate it when people threaten to leave discussion forums. Is everyone suppose to beg you to stay? You're acting rude and inconsiderate, even after snake<b>beginner</b> apologized.

Grow up for crying out loud! None of this even started until you went and made that comment about him not having any snakes (again, WHO CARES?), as if he doesn't have any right to be here. YOU need to think before you speak, because if you hadn't said anything, this thread would be just as calm and enjoyable as it was in the beginning.

And my vote goes to Bugs
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