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How do you know he's replying to anything just to "get further up on the food chain"? People don't post their pictures of their beautiful animals for them to get ignored. Who cares if he posts to pictures, and says "Cool snake". Maybe he really thinks its a cool looking snake. I know I do. So what...? He also probably hasn't seen many of these "common" snakes that he replies to, and when he see's them, he literally thinks "Cool snake!". I don't know, but neither do you. So what's the point. I mean, it has to give something away when his username is "snakebeginner". It's not like he came on here to be a troll or spam something.

He looks like a good guy, to me, even though that one post he made was completely unnecissary. He learned and apologized. Now be a grown-up and move on; it was a petty mistake.

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