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What does it take to be a "real snake keeper"? Because I only have 3 snakes. Does that make me a "not a real snake keeper"? I highly respect all breeders on here. They have a "job" I would die for, but I'm not so stupid as to realize that breeding takes work.

BUT just because people that keep small or medium amounts of herps doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing!

Oh wait, thats right, you were never a begginer, you just popped outta your mom knowing everything about sorry to have offended you with that label!

I agree that it wasn't right for snakebegginer to have said what he did, but he apologized (sp?). Nothing of the sort should have been said......

And I am sorry if I sounded rude, mean or whatever. I really am. But even though that remark was not directed at me, it really really offended me........

It's as though you were saying only people with large amounts of herps should get respect.

Everyone on this site deserves respect until the point of where everyone starts flamming......

Ok now the nice me........

How dare any of us judge people new to snake/herp keeping.
ALL of us were begginners at one time to!
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