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Snakebeginner, I'm glad to have you here. I don't keep snakes but I like seeing new faces around here. I've seen your posts around alot lately. Since they are not spam and not useless, I'd say it's awsome you jumped right in and actively participate in the threads. But responding to carpetman with crap like "You'll be the one to go down" is stupid. Instead of him looking like a jerk it makes both of you look bad. Don't stoop to that level when someones rude or no one will want to support you. And you don't know Carpetman, if you went to his house, you might be the one to go down. And it would be stupid and childish to fight over a dumb comment on a forum. Carpetman, go easy on the new guys lol
I'm, for one, glad to see you here and give you a warm welcome to It's awsome that your eagerly interested in other snakes and there care. Knowledge is never a bad thing. Welcome Snakebeginner!!!

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