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I always have a bottle or 2 of the bandaid stuff it's a necessity when you have kids lol...I used my antibacterial soap right after, I'm currently on an antibacterial cream as well as antibiotics. The swelling has gone down some but not as much as i would of thought it would of. My problem with gloves is that i'm a tiny person and can never find any that fit well enough to be able to catch them without hurting them, or them slipping last time i used gloves we had one get we caught him. I feel bad as one mouse is my son's pet. He is good at cleaning the cages with my help and is great at tailing the mice. I guess this was a lesson hard learned. We'll see how things go. I think we can keep them as long as i follow strict precautions i'm going out today to look at kids gloves i think a pair of winter ones would be thick enough. Well my daughter and i are off to the Dr's. At least i can kill 2 birds with one stone today for the suggestions i'll look into the suggestions i was given but don't know if some of that stuff is available here.

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