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Well I just got all my babies entered into the program and I love it. I will definitely be sending you something LotusE. A few questions though

The main installation files ended up in their own directory and the icon is on the desktop. However along with the icon, I am also getting these two files being put on the desktop


Is this normal? If not, is there a way to overcome this and simply get them back into their own directory? Can I safely move them to their own directory and still have the program function correctly.

Here's a few more suggestions

Problem: (more than one snake of the same species yet one is an adult and the other is a juvenile)
Possible solution: (a seperate field to define the age of the animal) eg. hatchling, juvenile, sub-adult, adult.

This way the animal could be properly defined for the feeding reminders.

In my own setup I have added an extra descriptive to the latin name (eg. Lp. g. californiae & Lp g. californiae (babies) ) and then changed the feed interval. A little cumbersome but it works.


For animals that are cooled, maybe some sort of override so that these animals don't pop up in the feed reminder.

Well my reminder tells me I have to go feed a baby and get ready for work, I got 1/2 an hour...think I can make it?

Keep up the great work, I am sure everyone appreciates it.


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