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Originally posted by tex_01
what do u ppl think is the worst place to get a tattoo?
Hmm, thats a hard one. I've got one full sleeve and one not yet complete, most of my chest and shoulders, a few large single tatts on my legs and my feet done (no herps though, mostly skulls and flames). I've also got the words Hell Awaits in solid black, old english style writing across my lower stomach and this was bad. The chest is bad to (the whole lot hurts, no areas to move to for releif) and the inside of the arms heading up to the armpit does gets a bit tender. People spin out over my feet but these hurt the least.

On another note shade work hurts more than solid color or outline. They run a near dry needle over the same spot again and again untill the desired shade is reached... Ouch! You really have to bite your tongue in order not to tell them to lay off and move elswhere for a while.

Wow I feel like a real pussy. I only ever sit for 3hrs and once I even bought a tube of emla cream to kill the pain (works well for an hour or so). I don't even know a tattoist that would sit for 10hrs, thats just crazy masochist ****.

How about these traditional "coming into manhood" tatts that the islanders get. Full body tatts applied with a rake and hammer type tool. They sit all day and then come back the next day and so on untill complete. They risk dying during these awesome tatts.
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