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personal email exchange...aboute an Angel

Ps. Today I was sitting with 20 peoples, we hade an annual meeting about new ways to get positive fed back from medias, a journalist walked in and presented his knight bulletin to us, it was about a woman surgeon who performed 200 surgery a year, for several consecutive years while she was infected with VIH, she died last year and now they want to perform test on every child she operated on. Mark these peoples Iv known many years as supporters of our fighting against deforestation and I have nothing but respect for them, I also appreciate all the help we have received from them, however last knight they really upset me, enough that I jumped the gun and lectured all of them before slamming the door on my way out, something you never ever do in my field of work.
I just couldnít handle it, everyone was offended about the irresponsibility this surgeon showed during her 8 years at the children hospital. Non of them actually knew anything about aids, I was hearing all kind of nonsense, from saliva infecting wounds to scratching and so on, the most upsetting thing was not one of those peoples said a positive word about this womanís work, darn the meeting was about being positive and seeing beyond the smoke screen.
All I saw was a hero, she saved all those little kidís while she was losing her own life, this woman shod be glorified, shame on those trying to make sensational news.

Talking to you about it makes me feel better, guess I will post this email on ssnakess and feel even more so! hahaha
Sorry I donít remember her name
She worked at Montrťal children hospital, I think?


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