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Need HELP Guys!!

Hello people,
i'm currently on a small project with a university studying the behaviour of pirahnas. The problem is....WE cant buy any from the pet store right seems like the "breeder" for ontario is not breeding them right now so i guess this is a plea for me to "borrow" some of your pirahnas.

Dont worry about welfare...the university has codes and conducts of experiments on live i wouldn't be doing it if it was cruel. The experiment we are doing is on the schooling behaviour of pirahnas, so basically, the fish are put into different situations and harm will come to them and all fish will be returned in proper condition to the original owner.

if you have some or know of people that would be willing to help pls reply...or pm me...or leave and would be greatly appreciated.

if you have any questions or need more info. and as with most projects, you can also pm, reply or e-mail me.

Thanks everyone....looking forward to a quick reply!
oh btw...let me know where you are located as well...thanks!
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