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Ok. Last post before I leave.

Eyespy and Trace both have left this site because of the horrible politics behind how it is run. They are fed up with the other mods, the users () and just everything this site used to stand for, but no longer does. Everyone can now stop with the 'Where did this person go' threads. I can see why they did.

If that's the case, then perhaps Trace and Eyespy should have brought that to the attention of the other MODS..

I'm not just saying this because im a MOD or because i am good friends with Jeff. But this site is run like a well oiled machine. Jeff is always there if one of the members or the mods has a problem with something that has happened or is happening with the site. I'm not sure what 'horrible polotics' you are referring to, as i have yet to see Jeff takes sides or play favorites in any way shape or form.. People leave the site everyday, it's their choice to do so, there's not much any of us can do about it..
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