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Back from the Doc's and he's not impressed, he's warned me before about working with my critters(although it was the reptiles he was more worried about), he gave me a shot can't remember what it was though, and i'm on antibiotics they look like horse was told i should get rid of the mice or get the kids to do the cleaning as it's not safe for me to do so. Man i hate this. I have to go back tomorrow he want's to keep an eye on the swelling. I think he's just over reacting, everyone does that with me. Like i told him, i was told i wouldn't walk again proved them wrong. I was told i could never have kids, wrong So i'm not about to go living like a bubble just want to enjoy what i love. But the mice may have to go. I 'll have to start ordering in bulk on line i suppose. Anyone have a good F/T source online that is reasonable?

Laura-Lee L
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