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bad reaction dealing with mice

Last night i cleaned the mice cages and seperated some. I nicked myself on the wire screening i use to ensure the hoppers don't escape, and then i had one mouse scratch me up good in the same spot, Today i woke to having my hand quite swollen,(I've tried antihistimens it usally works,but not this time i guess.) the massive hives i had last night are gone, but i have very bad swelling in my left hand. It's to the point that i'm debating on going to the clinic as it's very painful. Has any one else ever experienced this? I'm also worried as i have a muscular disease and a compromised immuine system, so i heal much slower than normal and when i get an injury or illness my body actually fights against it's self. Just thought i'd see if anyone has ever had a similar reaction.

Laura-Lee L
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