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Hey Bighead,

The error you're getting, is not normal. I would download and install the software again.

It is true, the feed me screen will only appear the first time you enter HCS and the herp screen. But you can always get it back by going to View->Feed Me. It is normal for the screen to be blank, because you have to do the following:

1) Go to Herp->Species and create the appropriate species.

2) For this species, fill in the feeding interval, because this will be used in the scheduler.

3) Save your changes and go back to the herp screen

4) Choose the right species for your herp from the species combobox in the herp screen.

5) There has to be at least one feeding record for your herp before the scheduler can kick in.

6) If you recall the feed me-screen now, you will see that your herp is in it (if it needs to be fed).

Why the help doesn't work, I do not know. I will test it on another computer. Perhaps it has something to do with the error message you're getting.


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