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Reptile Books

Hi all, I'm starting to get a nice collection of books and would like to add more to it.

I just got my postcard in from borders saying my new cham book is in and i thought it was supposed to 50 but its only 31 so i ordered another book last night. Chameleons: Natures Hidden Jewels and Chameleons care and breeding by linda (something).

I have 3 cham books (including the 2 i just ordered), 2 bearded dragon books, 2 leopard gecko, 2 tarantula (one including info on scorps.), 2 corn snakes, 1 general snake book (what's wrong with my snake. 1 misc snake book (on misc. info kinda like facts) 1 on tree pythons and boas (for the future when i start getting into them). 1 on reptile parasites (roger klingenburg) and 1 on cage construction (bought cause i was bored).

After ordering my 2 new books i still have 20 dollars left on my gift card does, anyone know of any good books to get either in reference to the herps i have or to Emerald tree boas. The books price isn't a big deal if it's over 20 i'll come up with the rest. Thanks for any help

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