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Originally posted by sapphire_moon
Your telling me. And I got all my knowledge from knowledgeable people here! so questioning me is like questioning everyone I got my information from.

I got my head bit off once because I got a "tone" in one post (please tell me how you get a tone from a writting, because I don't get it) when I told someone that most ball pythons (I said most now not all) can take an adult mouse out of the egg, and got yelled at that NO, EVERY ball python should be started on mouse fuzzies, maybe hoppers. And I disagreed. And they got mad......

I got tired of every time I posted I got told that I was aboslutely wrong, no matter what I said, even if I agreed with them (them being the mods, no members were ever rude to me!)
And being told that you are wrong (when you know you are right, and I don't mean to sound like a know it all. But I trust your guys/girls knowledge) every single time you post, well it rubbed the wrong way.

So on my last post (about housing two snakes together) I worded my post stongly ( as in, you just don't house 2 snakes together. it's just not right)

(I don't care if you house 2 snakes together as long as you have more experience than just owning 1 snake for under a year!) but this kid as I said only had 1 snake for under a year!

And I got an email with the topic being
"Your Done!" I went to where I was posted and it was completely gone!
It's quite sad Isnt it? but it happens everywhere. Offence is taken instead of the entire reason for the comment which isn't a personal attack its for the animals welfare!! duh.. People need to get their heads checked dont they?
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